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How can the best Catering Company help you find the perfect menu

At Annalize Catering we are a Catering Company based In Cape Town.

Are you in the process of planning a corporate event or wedding? Have you hired a catering company yet? Have you managed to secure the venue for the event and is the decor team on the ball with their tasks? Perhaps you’ve made sure that all is in order but, for some  reason, you haven’t yet put together a menu of what you are going to serve your guests. This may seem like a challenging task as you have to bear in mind that people don’t have the same taste in food.  Have no fear, ANNALIZE Catering is here to help. What follows is a guideline for putting together enjoyable, delicious food.


Tips on how the best catering company can help you put together a menu:

Find the balance

What you want to do is offer your guests a mouth-watering,  balanced meal; this can be achieved by providing them with a meal that consists of a starter, side dish, main course and dessert.  You can never go wrong with a four-course meal.

Offer variety

Remember, food is not supposed to be dull and visually boring; It has to be colourful and appealing to the eye. You know how people always say, ”You eat with your eyes first”? Well, it’s true; people are more likely to try out food that is visually appealing than the boring meal. For instance, you can achieve this by adding different textures and flavours.

Consider the type of occasion

The last thing you want to do is serve mini boerewors rolls at a formal banquet or steamed potato fingerlings at a kiddies party. Imagine the confusion. If you are creating a menu for an elegant occasion, then you want to go for a more upscale option.

Pay attention for guests dietary

As individuals, we do not have the same dietary requirements, some are kosher and others might be vegetarian. That is one of the reasons why you have to consider such factors when preparing your meals. For instance, some may have a medical condition or allergies, hence it is important to find a balance in your menu.

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If the above mentioned considerations still aren’t helping, give the best catering company in Cape Town a call today so we can assist you with the catering for your event.